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What we do at Nectios

We connect people. Our main goal is to provide professionals of any sector with the perfect space to find business opportunities, expand their network and engage their audience.

We believe that technology should be a tool to promote and facilitate B2B communication, not stand in the way! That is why our platform has such a friendly interface, with drag and drop features. No coding involved for you!

At Nectios we are on a mission to make event planning and community building easier, faster and better.

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Why we do it

We believe in the power of communities as the future of B2B communication. In a world where centralizing your audience is the key to improve engagement and conversions, Nectios is the place to be. 

Our goal for the future is to become the main and better platform where professionals can build their B2B communities. In order to do so, we work day by day to develop Nectios platform, answering to our clients and leads’ needs and requirements. 


How we make it happen

There are three principals that guide us on a daily basis. Our values influence every decision that we make, as a company and as a team; from how we hire through to how we choose which features to build into our platform.

Connection | Nectios values


Our team spirit helps us on our mission of bringing professionals together. We work the connections, both outside and inside the company.

Learning | Nectios values


We acknowledge our mistakes and we work as a collective intelligence to learn from them as we move closer to our goal.

Excellency | Nectios values


It is ok not to be the first, when you can be the best. We are committed to deliver a seven star product and we do not accept less than perfection.


This is what we believe in

We embrace the startup culture, where Flexibility has a leading role; for both the product and the people. 

Diversity is our friend. In order to achieve our goals, we need to gather a smashing team, that shares our values and works for our mission and vision. That is why at Nectios it is not about who you are, but what you are capable of. At Nectios we don’t judge your sexuality, believes or looks; what matters to us are your skills. 

We care. The well-being of our team is as important for us as the excellency of our platform. That is the reason why we built a friendly enviroment at the office but, at the same time, we give them the freedom to work where it suits them better.

Proactivity is key. We believe in action, not reaction. Our ambition to become the main platform for B2B communities needs to be fed with new ideas on a daily basis. We work to be one step ahead of our clients and leads needs, so we can have the answers they want before they make the question. 

We evolve. As a team, as a company and as a platform. Our journey so far has been both challenging and rewarding. We have learned a lot about the mistakes we made in the past, in order to build a better future. Our priorities change regularly as we continue growing and evolving as a company. However, we do not forget where we come from, what is our goal and who will make it possible. 

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