The greatest tool for creating communities
and virtual events.

Nectios is a multimodular platform that allows each company to create its own virtual community. It's never been easier to stay connected.

About us

Why Nectios?

Nectios allows you to centralize all the tools of a virtual community on a single platform. Thanks to the more than 50 applications we have, you will be able to customize your space and cover all your communication needs in a single place.

Creating virtual events, managing communities and getting things done has never been easier.


All in one place

Forget about using diferent platforms for every need.

Unify all your tools and save time and gain agility in your day to day.


Communicate in real time with the people who are part of your community. Share opinions, solve doubts and talk easily and quickly.


Create a conference rooms to make video calls with all the members of your community.


Post new ideas and let innovation grow in your collective.


You can manage both virtual events and face-to-face events through the platform.


Publish your products and services and grow your client portfolio.


Create custom registration forms for your community and to know the opinion of your users.


All-in-one event and
community platform

Virtual communities without limits.


Expand your contacts network through our search engine.

Business meetings

Contact other users and propose a business meeting.

Massive information

Send mass mailing campaigns to keep your users up to date with your latest news.


What they are saying about us

Thanks to Nectios it is much easier to manage my cluster and to communicate with the associates. I can centralise all the information in a single place.

Jaume Canals

Cluster Manager - ClusterMoto

We studied different options to digitize the event, however being able to manage the interaction between members from the same platform made Nectios our best option

Ariana Fernandez

City Promotion - Ajuntament de Barcelona

We were surprised by the management capacity of Nectios, they set up the platform with the characteristics we asked for in 1 week, something incredible

Marta Santiago

Head of Communication & Content - Cercle d'Economia

With Nectios, we have been able to increase our user base by 60% and extend our events from 1 to 3 days

Albert Sierra

CIO - Chamber of Commerce of Barcelona

We never thought of the possibility of being able to carry out this type of event digitally, with this new format we want to hold more fairs than we are normally used to ... we already have a community and a means to access it

Carmen Adán

Innovation Manager - Technova Barcelona