B2B Networking


Promote professional sinergies

Create a professional space where challenges are sorted and new projects flourish.

B2B Networking platform | Nectios

Value for your entity or collective:

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Improvement of the engagement of associated companies.

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Associate Recruitment and Retention.

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Connections between entities.


Build a custom space where professionals can develop collaborative projects: Open Innovation at its best.

Networking events

Create, manage and host networking events —free or paid— exclusively for members of your community.


Collaborative projects

Organizations can find their ideal partners for their projects and develop them collaboratively. Let the innovation grow on its own.

Promote engagement

Open a space for conversation on topics of interest and innovation. Moderators and administrators open discussions for community members to rate and comment on.

Make it easy to connect

Every member can create a profile for its entity where they can show their contact information.

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Our features at your disposal.

Nectios has more than 50 features that will help you manage your B2B Networking community:

Hangout Rooms | Nectios

Conference rooms

Create a videoconference space and keep it open for your members.

Feature Live chat | Events Nectios

Live chat

Your participants would be able to comment live what is happening.

Feature Q&A | Events Nectios


Participants can ask questions that experts will answer.

Feature Agenda | Events Nectios


Share your your agenda and keep your audience informed.

Feature People| Events Nectios


Decide which information of your participants you want to share.

Feature forms | Nectios


Create custom forms to take surveys and manage online registration.



Manage the internal areas of your community to give it more depth.

Feature Media library | Events Nectios

Media library

Share your videos, presentations, podcasts and documents.

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