Political Parties


Connect with your voters

Create a custom platform to share your political program and engage your voters.

Create a custom platform to share your political program and engage your voters.

The value for your political party


Improved engagement.


Connection with the voters.


Positive feedback.


Gather your voters', share your program and promote the transparency of your campaign.

Post your upcoming events.

Inform your voters about your schedule so they can sign in and add your events to their calendar.

Get your voters' feedback.

Open several forums to engage productive discussions and learn about your voters’ needs.

Share program flyers and more.

Use our media library to upload any type of document you want and share it with your voters.

Get your free dossier

Download our Political Parties Platform presentation and get all the information that you need.

Our tools at your disposal.

Nectios has more than 50 features that will help you manage your  Political Party platform:

Blog Feature | Nectios


Post your latest news and keep your voters posted.



Manage the internal areas of your platform to give it more depth.

Hangout Rooms | Nectios


Use our forum to get the feedback from your voters.

Feature Agenda | Events Nectios


Share your your agenda and keep your voters informed.

Feature People| Events Nectios


Share the information of the members of your political party.

Feature Media library | Events Nectios

Media library

Share your videos, presentations, podcasts and documents.

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