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Manage very aspect of your event from a single platform.

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Engagement of the participants.

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Take advantage of our features to unify and conquer: turn your event into a success story.


Broadcast your event, record the sessions and share them later with your participants.

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Manage the ticket-selling

Create different kind of tickets, assign their fees and categorize the participants.

Promote live-interaciton

Promote the engagement of your participants. Enable live-chat where the audience and the experts can connect.

Measure your success

Extract analytics of your summit or congress. Discover which elements of your event worked better and promote them.

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Our tools at your disposal.

Nectios has more than 50 features that will help you manage your summit or congress:

Hangout Rooms

Hangout rooms

Create a videoconference space and keep it open for your members.

Feature Live chat | Events Nectios

Live chat

Your participants would be able to comment live what is happening.

Feature Q&A | Events Nectios


Participants can ask questions that experts will answer.

Feature Agenda | Events Nectios


Share your your agenda and keep your audience informed.

Feature People| Events Nectios


Decide which information of your participants you want to share.

Feature Entities | Events Nectios


Promote networking between the companies attending your event.

Feature forms | Nectios


Create custom forms to take surveys and manage online registration.

Feature Media library | Events Nectios

Media library

Share your videos, presentations, podcasts and documents.

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