Zona Franca Consortium to promote equal opportunities for women in the labour market

BWAW: Barcelona Women Acceleration Week 2022

Hybrid event carried out by the Zona Franca Consortium to promote equal opportunities for women in the labour market


The project

The Barcelona Free Zone Consortium has held its BWAW sessions for yet another year: Barcelona Woman Acceleration Week.

BWAW is a very interesting project in which participated more than 20 moderators and speakers. With four daily sessions of one hour each, it is quite an amazing opportunity to acquire and share new knowledge regarding topics related to women in bussiness.

The event was held between March 8 and 10. Although it was a face-to-face format, the monitoring was carried out through the Nectios platform.

Challenges & Needs

The main need for this project was to have an informative virtual platform with interaction tools to follow the event in streaming.

In this way, BWAW needed this platform and a landing where they could share all the information of the event. In addition, it was essential to include all the people who were part of it, as well as the multimedia content.

Thanks to all the possibilities that Nectios offers with its new version, it was possible to create a totally personalized and equipped space, taking advantage of each communication tool on the platform. From a single platform, it was possible to manage, program the project and collect information.


Nectios’ solutions for this on-site event


The process of creating the landing as well as adapting the platform according to the client’s needs was adapted correctly and was a complete success since every request that was made was solved. In addition, the streaming format was followed on the platform without any problem. For these reasons, it was an event with very positive results.

On the other hand, the Nectios Support Teamwas fully commited with the chat box service, from where they solved any type of doubt people may have about the event. To finish, the audience was also given the option to enjoy the experience on a deferred basis tahnks to Nectios media-library feature. In short, it was a very enriching experience on both sides with many interesting points of view.

Some features used for this event:

Live Streaming | Nectios

Live Streaming

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Landing | Nectios

Customized landing

Attrack your audience with a landing page according to your brand.

Live Chat | Nectios

Group live chat

Promote interaction between your speakers and assistants.

Calendar | Nectios


Program different activities and share them with your audience.

Online registration | Nectios

Online registration

Create a custom registration form and compile information from attendees automatically.

Lists | Nectios


Organize and categorize the information by lists that facilitate their understanding.

Find your use case

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Use case webinars | Nectios


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Use case Summit and Congress| Nectios

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Trade shows and Fairs

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Board meetings

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