Centralize your audience

Your online community to improve engagement and reduce churn.

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There is no community without interaction

Create a virtual space 100% customized and build a community thanks to our interaction features.

Unify and conquer

Bring together all your followers, leads, users and clients in a single platform.

Unify and conquer | Nectios
Engage your audience | Nectios

Engage your audience

Take advantage of our interaction features to promote the participation of your audience.

Stay open and connected

Keep your users attention high by sharing your latest news on regular basis.

Stay open and connected
Become an influencer

Become an influencer

Elevate your brand and take it to the next level by becoming a reference of your sector.

Are you interested?

Check out our Community Plans and decide which one feets your needs better.

All the solutions you need for your community

Nectios has over 50 features that will help you manage and customize your community.

Feature Live Streaming | Events Nectios

Live streaming

Multiply your potential audience, raising above distance barriers.

Feature Live chat | Events Nectios

Live chat

Your participants would be able to comment live what is happening.

Feature Q&A | Events Nectios


Participants can ask questions that experts will answer.

Feature Agenda | Events Nectios

Live streaming

Multiply your potential audience, raising above distance barriers.

Feature People| Events Nectios


Decide which information of your participants you want to share.

Feature Entities | Events Nectios


Promote networking between the companies attending your event.

Feature Ticket selling | Events Nectios

Ticket selling

Fix a price and manage the ticket selling of your events.

Feature Media library | Events Nectios

Media library

Share your videos, presentations, podcasts and documents.

Find your use case

How can Nectios help you best?

Community Nectios B2B Networking

B2B Networking

Create a space where professionals can find the perfect partner for their projects

Communities Nectios Employee engagement

Employees Community

Connect with your team and know their feedback with our interaction tools.


Build a coworking online community and offer to your partners a virtual space to gather.

Community Nectios Brand Community

Brand community

Increase your leads automatically by sharing your news and solutions in your community.

Community Nectios Alumni


Promote interaction between your members to create bonds and foster professional relationships.

Business promotion

Centralize the intercompany activity of your territory building a business promotion community.