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Value for your business collective

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Improvement of the engagement of associated companies.

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Associate Recruitment and Retention.

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Connections between entities.


Nectios offers business collectives all the functionalities to help the industry grow.

Networking events

Create, manage and host networking events —free or paid— exclusively for members of your community.

Subscription plans

Create different subscription plans for your community, assign the benefits for each of them and offer a simple and fast onboarding.

Forums & Debates

Open a space for conversation on topics of interest and innovation. Moderators and administrators open discussions for community members to rate and comment on.

Forums and debates | Nectios

Media library

Upload and share presentations, videos, podcasts or documents with your team. Every file format you can think of has a place in your community.


Extract metrics periodically to be able to evaluate the state of your community. Know the behavior of your members to be able to enhance the aspects that work best.

Analytics | Nectios

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Our tools at your disposal.

Here are some of the most used features for Business Collectives Communities:

Hangout Rooms | Nectios


Video conference spaces that members can use for different purposes.

Projects | Nectios


Members can define the phases of their project, publish it and share the news in the community.


Share the different organizations of your community that you can divide by categories.

Challenges | Nectios


Share new challenges with your community to solve them collaboratively.


Digitize your training program: lessons, exams, evaluations and more.

Subcommunities | Nectios


Limited access sections that will help you in the hierarchy of your community.

Products & Services

Create a marketplace where associates can offer their products and services.

Voting | Nectios


Start the processes, create the options and share the results with the members of the community.

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