Celebrating a national assembly with live voting

Barcelona Global Assembly

Celebrating a national assembly with live voting.

The project

Creation of a digital platform for the celebration of the 2022 General Assembly of the Barcelona Global Association, in which the election of the presidency was held, the approval of the budgets of the previous and current year, as well as the minutes.

It was a hybrid event with the registration of more than 500 partners, which took place for 2 hours with streaming with voting in real time.

Challenges & Needs

We created a digital platform where attendees had to register informing about the type of assistance, online or in person, for the voting of its general assembly, as well as for the presentation of the partners and the new challenges for the next cycle.

Voting was the main reason for the meeting, so all the data had to be perfect and immediate for the signing of the minutes at the beginning and end of the meeting, which meant a great responsibility to launch a new tool.

A custom form was also necessary for registration, as well as a QR for the access of the participants to the face-to-face event, and to be able to extract the data of the voters and the total number of attendees.

Nectios’ solutions for this hybrid event

A module was designed to carry out voting in real time from our platform.

A registration form was created for registrations with exhaustive controls of those members who had the right to vote or not with the help of data export, creating a specific role of member as non-voter.

A QR was generated for all the participants in the event in person, which by simply presenting it to the hostesses of the Torre Glòries allowed them to validate their attendance.

All documentation information about the assembly was added to the documents module.
About modules were added in Catalan, English, Spanish.

In streaming, simultaneous translation was added in Spanish and English. This broadcast was made directly from Torre Glòries where we were present and in contact throughout the event to inform and supervise all those connected.

From the analytics of the platform, it was possible to extract the data of the attendees who voted online, in person, as well as the total number of attendees for both modalities.

Some features used for this event:

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Live streaming

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