InnovaGirona: An Open Innovation platform to connect.

Innova Girona

An Open Innovation platform to connect all the agents of the industry.


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The project

We have designed and developed the custom platform for Innova Girona, an open innovation platform promoted by the Sectoral Campus Program of the University of Girona, which aims to connect companies, public administrations, civil society and research and innovation agents, to pose new challenges in innovations and proposals for solutions.

Challenges & Needs

The project starts from 3 great needs:

  • Share knowledge: Promote spaces for the exchange of ideas, facilitate knowledge from the university and research centers to society, add talent to respond to current challenges and stimulate creative and collaborative work spaces.
  • Collaboration: Generate a space for relationship and collaboration between the diversity of agents of the quadruple helix (R+D+I system, companies, public administrations and users), participation of the agents of the territory to generate innovative responses to technological, economic challenges and social, facilitate strategic alliances that have a positive impact on society, as well as publicize events and activities.
  • Connection: Build a community where the relationship with researchers and specialists can be fostered, expose needs and interests that give rise to innovative projects, connect with other platforms and tools, as well as project the innovative ecosystems of the Girona region internationally.

Nectios’ solutions for this online community

It has been possible to create a totally personalized space in which to provide a solution to the purposes of Innova Girona, thanks to the multiple possibilities offered by the platform and its more than 50 modular tools.

Thus, the community allows launching innovation challenges and obtaining proposals for solutions, interacting with other agents in the ecosystem and exchanging ideas and knowledge within the community, providing solutions to the challenges posed, active participation of members in projects and collaborations, and have access to events and activities.

Some features used for this community:

Forums features | Nectios

Forums & Debates

Encourage users participation with engaging topics

Live chat

Group live chat

Promote interaction between your speakers and assistants.

Subcommunities | Nectios


Create categorization to have a place of discussion for each topic.



Host events in your community and track your member's assitance.

Blog feature | Nectios


Keep your member's updated through the blog with content of interest.

Challenges | Nectios


Propose challenges to encourage interaction and increase engagement.

Find your use case

How can Nectios help you best?

Community Nectios B2B Networking

B2B Networking

Create a space where professionals can find the perfect partner for their projects

Communities Nectios Employee engagement

Employees Community

Connect with your team and know their feedback with our interaction tools.



Build a coworking online community and offer to your partners a virtual space to gather.

Community Nectios Brand Community

Brand community

Increase your leads automatically by sharing your news and solutions in your community.

Community Nectios Alumni


Promote interaction between your members to create bonds and foster professional relationships.

Community_Business Promotion

Business promotion

Centralize the intercompany activity of your territory building a business promotion community.

Are you interested?

Check out our Community Plans and decide which one feets your needs better.

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