Factorial: gathering HR professionals in the Spanish-speaking community

People Tech Summit 2021

How Factorial brought together HR professionals in the Spanish-speaking community


The project

People Tech Summit, by Factorial, is the most important Human Resources conference in the Spanish-speaking community, born with the purpose of creating new perspectives on innovation, humanization and technology in HR.

It is an event that brings together professionals from Spain and Latin America to think, improve and make Human Resources more efficient, sustainable and generate a real impact on employees.

A three-day event in which three daily talks are held, given by industry leaders, and a round table at the end of the day, in order to interact with the experts.

Challenges & Needs

The People Tech Summit 2021 required landing page where they could expose all the information about the event, including descriptive cards with the credentials of the several experts that took part in it.

They also demanded a platform from where the assistants could register into the event and, at the same time, compile their information automatically.

During the livestreamed talks, there needed to be a live group chat, where speakers and participants could interact freely.

Everything managed from a single place.


Nectios’ solutions for this virtual event


Thanks to the great structure of the new version of Nectios, it was possible to create a totally personalized space that responded to all the needs of the event.

Given the possibility of unifying all the necessary tools for the programming and management of the project, with the Nectios’ platform it was possible to compile all the information of the participants —both registration and assistance— as well as the experts and speakers who shared their cases and knowledge. Also, we could extract daily CSV about the assistance to the different talks.

On the other hand, we created a customized landing page, in order to promote the event, according to Factorial’s brand.

As a result of the collaborative work, there were 2410 people registered in People Tech Summit 3 day event, in which participated 21 speakers, celebrating 4 livestreamed talks each day.

Some features used for this event:

Live Streaming | Nectios

Live Streaming

Multiply your potential audience, raising above distance barriers.

Landing | Nectios

Customized landing

Attrack your audience with a landing page according to your brand.

Live Chat | Nectios

Group live chat

Promote interaction between your speakers and assistants.

Calendar | Nectios


Program different activities and share them with your audience.

Online registration | Nectios

Online registration

Create a custom registration form and compile information from attendees automatically.

Lists | Nectios


Organize and categorize the information by lists that facilitate their understanding.

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