How Psonríe obtained donations for the latest edition of La Marató TV3

Opening minds

How Psonríe obtained donations for the latest edition of La Marató TV3 for the “Opening minds” event


The project

“Abriendo la mente” —Opening minds— was the event with which the online psychological counseling service Psonríe attracted donations from its public of interest for the latest edition of La Marató de TV3, dedicated to mental health.

With a very short time frame, the platform was prepared to be the meeting place for the participants to talks by a panel of psychology specialists that included group dynamics.

Nectios was at Psonríe‘s side in organizing this small, great solidarity action that was coordinated in record time.

Challenges & Needs

All events do not have to be planned for a long time before their celebration. Sometimes they can arise more or less spontaneously, as was the case with “Opening minds”.

At Psonríe they are knowledgeable about the virtual ecosystem and were looking for a trusted digital ally for this charity event. The brevity of the event and the improvisation with which the possibility of carrying it out had been presented required rapid action.

The proposed initiative was marked by immediacy and asked to be open to interaction: the design of a landing page and a streaming chat were the indicated options to respond to these needs.


Nectios’ solutions for this virtual event


The creation of an event in which the main objective is to collect donations involved the adaptation of spaces so that users could make them, also making the charitable cause known.

The activation of a landing page was crucial to give visibility to the purpose of the action, and the integration of the donation form in the platform facilitated its achievement.

The Nectios platform was adjusted to the demand for interaction that gave a sense of community to the attendees mobilized by Psonríe. In this way, with easy access to the auditoriums and the possibility of screen sharing, 70 members enjoyed the group dynamics of 6 speakers in 25-minute live sessions.

Some features used for this event:

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Calendar | Nectios


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Online registration

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