Unlocking deep-tech startups’ full potential by Scale Up Champions

Scale Up Champions

Unlocking deep-tech startups’ full potential through Europe by Scale Up Champions

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The project

Scale Up Champions unlocks deep-tech startups’ full potential by connecting them with mentors, investors and corporates all across Europe. Every startup based in Europe that are working on high technology innovation can apply to Scale Up services and benefit from their advantages.

The Scale Up Champions project has different programmes meant to help startups development and multiply their growth opportunites. From Readiness Programme, to the Online Market Discovery Programme, the startups will have the chance to pitch their project to top investors, business angels and venture capitalists.

Challenges & Needs

For the Scale Up Champions Discovery Tour, our client needed a virtual space with which they would be able to organize and host a two day virtual event. This event was meant to gather the mentors, speakers and participants from four European countries.

In order to be able to celebrate the event, Scale Up Champions needed a platform with livestreaming, agenda, virtual rooms, customized calendars and many more functionalities.

It was a major challenge.


Nectios’ solutions for this virtual event


The 100% customization functionality of Nectios modular platform was put to the test for this challenge, and we succeed.

We created a virtual space able to host parallel livestreaming sessions, where speakers and participants could interact freely. Also, every mentor could create their own customized calendar for their sessions, and decide if it was public or not.

On the other hand, Nectios backoffice tools make it possible to compile and manage the information of both the attendees and the speakers. Everything managed from a single platform.

As a result, Nectios modular platform host a two day event, with 22 matchmaking sessions and 29 video calls, with the participation of 30 mentors. Furthermore, Scale Up Champions community registered 115 members.

Some features used for this event:

Live streaming | Nectios

Live Streaming

Multiply your potential audience, raising above distance barriers.

B2B Matchmaking | Nectios

B2B Mtchmaking

Organize matchmaking sessions and find your ideal partner.

Parallel sessions | Nectios

Parallel sessions

Celebrate more than one online session at the same time.

Calendar | Nectios

Customized calendar

Program different activities and share them with your audience.

Online registration | Nectios

Online registration

Create a custom registration form and compile information from attendees automatically.

Lists | Nectios


Create different categories for the assistants, speakers or organizations.

Find your use case

How can Nectios help you best?

Use case webinars | Nectios


Create a virtual space to share your knowledge in individual or multiple sessions.

Use case Summit and Congress| Nectios

Summits and Conferences

Plan, organize and host your event and unify your tools in a single platform.

Use case trade shows Nectios

Trade shows and Fairs

Launch your new product or service in front of an eager audience.

Use case Board meeting Nectios

Board meetings

Host your meetings in a customized virtual space and manage your the vote process and results.

Are you interested?

Check out our Event Plans and decide which one feets your needs better.

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