Unifying Terrassa’s companies dynamizing an online community

Terrassa Indústria Community

Unifying Terrassa’s companies by creating and dynamizing an online community


The project

The Terrassa Indústria project arises from the need to have an online space where all the companies of the city of Terrassa are present, and where they could have a place to interact with each other, create synergies and share articles, publications or concerns.

Currently the community is organized according to the six main economic engines of the city: textile, food, chemical, construction and habitat, services to industry, and industry 4.0; but it is open to any company or industry of Terrassa that wants to join.

Challenges & Needs

From this moment on, the companies in Terrassa did not have any organization or platform which unify them all, nor was there any contact between them.
That said, the main challenges we face are:

  • To make the platform and its functionalities known to all the companies and workers in Terrassa.
  • To make these companies use the platform on a recurring basis, interact with each other creating networking synergies and can take full advantage of its potential.
  • Create content of interest for the companies to encourage their interaction and increase engagement within those.
Terrassa Industria

Nectios’ solutions for this online community


A landing page has been created with the latest content uploaded to the community, facilitating the access of companies and members to the community.

A fully customized space has been designed according to the needs and requirements of the community and its promoters. Using features such as the blog, hosting events or chat modules, among others, to improve the interaction of the different companies and workers with each other.

In addition, Nectios is also in charge of energizing and dynamizing this community, creating content on topics of interest related to these entities in the blog,fostering challenges, and community forum modules, as well as organizing monthly webinars with expert speakers.

Take a look at the community!

Some features used for this community:

Forums features | Nectios

Forums & Debates

Encourage users participation with engaging topics

Landing | Nectios

Customized landing

Attrack your audience with a landing page according to your brand.

Online registration | Nectios


Create categorization to have a place of discussion for each topic.

Live chat


Host events in your community and track your member's assitance.

Media library | Nectios


Keep your member's updated through the blog with content of interest.

FAQs | Nectios


Propose challenges to encourage interaction and increase engagement.

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B2B Networking

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