UPIC: Digitalyzing industrial parks with an online community


Digitalyzing the industrial parks of Catalonia through their own online community


The project

UPIC is an organization of non-profit associations, with a structure throughout Catalonia, dedicated to defense the interests of the country’s industrial zones. Their main objective is that all the companies who are members of it can develop their industrial activities in the best conditions, whilst improving the territory and strengthening the Catalan’s business network in a more innovative and sustainable environment.

Our goal is to help them activate the networking synergies between the UPIC’s associations on it, while creating an internal channel of communication for each specific topic and zone.

Challenges & Needs

They need a platform for their associations to interact. Each of the associations are independent and have their own directory of members and organizations. In addition, each one has its own needs and may require different modules. With the new version of the platform we could cover the first requirement, the creation and use of subcommunities.

Each association has been gradually activated to the community and these have the ability to create surveys, to invite users directly to the subcommunity without having to go through the mother community, to interact through posts, among others. 


Nectios’ solutions for this online community


Thanks to the new version of Nectios, it was possible to create a fully customized space that met all the needs of the community, whose main activity is to celebrate events from there, such as webinars, congresses, fairs, round tables, among others.

On the other hand, we linked the «Bluejeans» App to the mentorships, in order to promote interaction and make it more personal, as seeing the attendees’ faces was one of the priorities.

In conclusion, UPIC has its own virtual space, with more than a thousand members nowadays where they are able to network, create synergies and thanks to its digitalization, driving toward its activity.

Take a look at the community!

Some features used for this community:

Forums features | Nectios

Forums & Debates

Encourage users participation with engaging topics

Live chat

Group live chat

Promote interaction between your speakers and assistants.

Subcommunities | Nectios


Create categorization to have a place of discussion for each topic.



Host events in your community and track your member's assitance.

Blog feature | Nectios


Keep your member's updated through the blog with content of interest.

Challenges | Nectios


Propose challenges to encourage interaction and increase engagement.

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Community Nectios B2B Networking

B2B Networking

Create a space where professionals can find the perfect partner for their projects

Communities Nectios Employee engagement

Employees Community

Connect with your team and know their feedback with our interaction tools.

Community Nectios Brand Community

Brand community

Increase your leads automatically by sharing your news and solutions in your community.

Community Nectios Alumni


Promote interaction between your members to create bonds and foster professional relationships.

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