Empowering women in tech through online events

Women in Tech Q1 Summit

Empowering women in tech by creating networking synergies through online events


The project

FemTechConf is a female founded tech conference made to empower the women in the tech community. Featuring multiple full tracks of fast-paced, tech talks catered for all levels. Bringing together a community of 50,000+ women, TGNC and allies to champion and celebrate the success of women globally. 

The virtual event took place for two days during March 2022, with 24 speakers and more than 8000 people registered at the community, regarding different topics about women in technology and providing networking opportunities.

Challenges & Needs

The #FemTechConf required a modular platform able to unify the different tools needed to programme and manage the whole project.

In the platform they desired to expose all the information about the event, including descriptive cards from the different speakers and the agenda.

They also demanded a platform from where the assistants could register into the event and compile their information automatically.

During the livestreamed, a live group chat was set up so speakers and participants could interact freely. Our support team was side by side during the event, assisting the chat box for the attendees’ doubts or any kind of incident that could occur.


Nectios’ solutions for this virtual event

Thanks to the latest version of the Nectios platform, we were able to create a fully customized space to meet the requirements of the event.

From the beginning, we gathered all the attende’s information, such as registration and assistance, incorporating all the engagement and broadcasting tools required to encourage networking sinergies. It was also important to display the different sponsors of the event, distributed by Diamond, Platinum, Gold and Bronze, with direct links to all of them.

Overall, the event was very satisfactory. The streaming was followed without any occurrence, the platform onboarding was adapted successfully and all the modules required were adapted according to their necessities.

Some features used for this event:

Live Streaming | Nectios

Live Streaming

Multiply your potential audience, raising above distance barriers.

Calendar | Nectios


Program different activities and share them with your audience.

Online registration | Nectios

Online registration

Create a custom registration form and compile information from attendees automatically.

Live chat

Group live chat

Promote interaction between your speakers and assistants.

Media library | Nectios

Video storage

Save and share your video files so your members can watch them anytime.

FAQs | Nectios


Moderators post the most frequently asked questions with their respective answers.

Find your use case

How can Nectios help you best?

Use case webinars | Nectios


Create a virtual space to share your knowledge in individual or multiple sessions.

Use case Summit and Congress| Nectios

Summits and Conferences

Plan, organize and host your event and unify your tools in a single platform.

Use case trade shows Nectios

Trade shows and Fairs

Launch your new product or service in front of an eager audience.

Use case Board meeting Nectios

Board meetings

Host your meetings in a customized virtual space and manage your the vote process and results.

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