Consortium Zona Franca’s Community: networking in the Industrial Sector

Consortium Zona Franca Community

Consortium Zona Franca’s builds a community to encourage networking in the Industrial Sector


The project

We have designed an online community for the Consortium of the Zona Franca of Barcelona, which represents one of the main engines of economic dynamization in the metropolitan area of Barcelona.

Our goal is to actively help the consortium to virtualize the Zona Franca Industrial Park with a platform that serves as a space of union between the different companies and entities, being able to create synergies between them and even being a link for the birth of future projects.

Challenges & Needs

The need was to create an online space to improve the efficiency and communication of the Zona Franca, as well as the interaction between its companies and people who take part in it. In order to do this, it was required to include in the platform all the organizations who form the CZFB, so that the main entity could share relevant information, answer questions and manage data to keep track of the members of the community.

Nowadays, the platform is still running and any member can join by simply registering, and get deep into the different subcommunities, blogs, challenges and many other features.


Nectios’ solutions for this online community


Thanks to the infinite possibilities offered by the platform and its more than 50 modular tools, it has been possible to create a fully customized space according to the needs of the CZFB to encourage interaction and promote the participation of the members in the community. We can find chats, publications, virtual rooms for videoconferencing, events, videos, documents, entities and member directories, among other functions.

Furthermore, Nectios is taking care of the dynamization of the community by generating content of interest to companies, always in line with the values of Zona Franca. We publish blog articles, debates and challenges, in which members can react and comment, as well as hold webinars with expert speakers from the industry.

Take a look at the community!

Some features used for this community:

Forums features | Nectios

Forums & Debates

Encourage users participation with engaging topics

Hangout Rooms


Create a videoconferencing space and keep it open for your members.

Online registration | Nectios


Create custom forms to conduct surveys and manage online registration.

Live chat

Group live chat

Promote interaction between your speakers and assistants.

Media library | Nectios

Media storage

Save and share your video files so your members can watch them anytime.

FAQs | Nectios


Moderators post the most frequently asked questions with their respective answers.

Find your use case

How can Nectios help you best?

Community Nectios B2B Networking

B2B Networking

Create a space where professionals can find the perfect partner for their projects

Communities Nectios Employee engagement

Employees Community

Connect with your team and know their feedback with our interaction tools.

Community Nectios Brand Community

Brand community

Increase your leads automatically by sharing your news and solutions in your community.

Community Nectios Alumni


Promote interaction between your members to create bonds and foster professional relationships.

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