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Choose your path

Nectios platform allows you to transform your event space into a profitable long term community with just one click, but you choose where to start.


You want to create an experience of limited duration with live interaction tools for your participants.


You want to create an always-open virtual space with all our available features and tools.


Forget about using different providers for every single need. Nectios platform provides you with all the tools that you need to plan, build, manage and engage your event or community.

Our all-in-one modular platform allows to fully customize your virtual space, so you can offer a memorable experience for your members and participants according to your brand.

Behind every successful event or community is the ability to engage and delight your users. We can help you with that.

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All-in-one platform

Nectios platform offers every feature you need to create an engaging virtual space for your event or community.

Live Streaming | Nectios

Live streaming

Multiply your audience by broadcasting your webinars, conferences or any kind of event from your virtual space.

Ticket Selling | Nectios

Ticket selling

Manage every aspect of the ticket selling process and take the opportunity to monetize your event or community.

Agenda | Nectios


Create a timetable with the activities and the experts that will participate in your event and share it with the users.

People and Organizations | Nectios

People & Organizations

Categorize and share the information of the members and different organizations that participate in your event or community.

Live Chat | Nectios

Live Chat

Enable this feature to create an accessible space where the members of your event or community can talk freely.

Calendar | Nectios


Add your events, meetings and other important dates, and decide which information you want to share with the users.

Hangout Rooms

Hangout rooms

Create a videoconference space where you and the users can celebrate important meetings or just casual virtual encounters.

Media library | Nectios

Media library

Incorporate a storage space where you can share your videos, presentations, podcasts and documents.

Ways to benefit from Nectios

Build a virtual space according to your brand and engage your users


Create a virtual space to share your knowledge in individual or multiple sessions. Learn more.

Plan, organize and host your event and unify your tools in a single platform. Learn more.

Create an online space for your trade show or fair where exhibitors can connect with potential clients. Learn more.

Host your meetings in a customized virtual space and manage your the vote process and results. Learn more.

Promote company culture through more social and engaging internal events. Learn more.

Connect startups and small companies with their perfect partners through an scale up event. Learn more.


Create an online space where entities share projects, challenges, information and much more. Learn more.

Create a space where professionals can find the perfect partner for their projects. Learn more.

Connect with your team and know their feedback with our interaction tools. Learn more.

Increase your leads automatically by sharing your news and solutions in your community. Learn more.

Promote interaction between your members to create bonds and foster professional relationships. Learn more

Build a coworking online community and offer to your partners a virtual space to gather. Learn more.

Centralize the intercompany activity of your territory building a business promotion community. Learn more

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