Creating a custom platform is easier than ever.

Centralize your community. Improve engagement. Reduce churn.

Creating a custom platform is easier than ever

More than 200 entities already trust us:

The wordpress of custom platforms.

No matter what kind of platform you want to create, Nectios gives you the tools to meet your expectations and achieve your goals following three simple steps:

1. Choose the features you need.

Go to our App Store, choose the features you want to use, and install and display them just one click. No code involved!

Choose the features you want to use

2. Edit your layout easily.

Nectios is a modular platform, so you can use our drag and drop technology to easily customize your layout according to your needs.

3. Start creating.

Use our interactive tools to engage your community: celebrate meetings, publish job offers, share collaborative projects, and much more!

Ways to use Nectios

Fin your use case and discover how to get to engagement nirvana.

Business collectives

Connect all your associates and take networking to the next level in a single space.

People engagement

Engage and empower your team while promoting your company’s values.


Build valuable connections between new professionals and their mentors.

Brand community

Increase your clients retention rate and get their feedback on your brands activity.


Plan, organize and host any type of event: from a webinar to a virtual fair or a scale up.

Board meetings

Save time, costs and bureaucratic burdens on your votes and procedures.


Improve the efficiency of your team and celebrate your success together.


Build a community for your coworking and expand your network effortlessly.

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